Summer update!

As I am currently working on new stuff, I figured it was time to refresh the webbpage a bit. Here you will find more sounds, more videos, more pictures and information about coming events!

The summer has been quite hectic! We have just finished recording, producing and mixing of Emma Carolina’s first album during June, as well as a couple of concerts. In June I also released my first EP called SAIL, which you can find on Soundcloud on this LINK.

Right now I’m preparing for concerts in August, a release-concert with Emma Carolina (where I have produced and participated on her first full-length album) and the locally famous event Good Night Sun with Sandra Marielle and band in Lomma.

Very soon, you’ll find me as a guest teacher on Svenska Gitarr- och Luta-Festivalen where I will be conducting guitar ensembles and an orchestra. Looking forwards to it!

I’m also preparing for new recordings and I am currently writing new material for an album/tour that will be announced in a couple of months. Exciting times!


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