Home again

Picture of Chris playing guitar

So. I’m back home and trying to sort out all the amazing things that have happened during the last 6 months. During this time, I’ve been putting a lot of work into my life, and I’ve loved every second of it!

First of all: The new CD of Emma Carolina is done. We started this journey in late 2015, when Emma approached me regarding the job to produce her first full-length album. At first I didn’t see how I could manage such a big task, but it grew on me and now I’m very happy that we did it. It has been fun work!

So: In early January, 2016, we started out making demos of the songs, taking the songs to the next level and stretching them out to what they could be. In March, we began recording and later in June (due to some scheduling madness) we finished all the remaining recording work. Since then we have had some tours with the mixes, polishing them to perfection. Now, in August, we are done. Done. We mastered the last songs on the 9th of August. And we’re really happy with it. We hope that you will enjoy it! We do.

There will be a release-party for Emma Carolina in September! Don’t miss out! (You can find the dates under CONCERTS).

Secondly: This summer has been amazing when it comes to both conducting and guitar. In the beginning of the summer, I got to know that I’m going to take charge of Malmö Underhållningsorkester during the autumn of 2016! This is a great opportunity and I thank Michael Sideridis (for whom I’m filling in for) for this chance to lead such a fine orchestra!

Speaking of conducting: I have also had the honour to conduct the festival orchestra and to be the creative leader for the ensembles at Svenska Gitarr- och Luta-festivalen! This was a week full of guitar madness! So many good shows and teachers. So many talented participants. And the orchestra sounded great! I’m honoured to say that they have invited me back to next year, and that I’ve accepted that invitation with great anticipation and honour.

Thirdly: The future. I’m going to take some time now to just prepare everything for my students. I’ve recently gotten a few private students as well, which I am so proud to be able to work with. That business is going to expand a little bit in the coming months.

But most important. When I’m done with all the preparations for my students, I will plan for the next records. Yes. Plural. There are things that I’m working on right now that will go to print very soon. I will bring you updates, I promise. Most of it will be new stuff. Some won’t. Keep your eyes open.


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