I’m back after a busy session, running around half of the northern hemisphere (it seems..). Let’s just say that my car has been running and that my bonus card for an airline company is smiling at me. But I love spending time travelling. I really do.

During this time I’ve been releasing the cd with Emma Carolina -”Det är fakking krig nu” (which you can find on spotify HERE). It’s a cd that I’ve produced with Emma and I’ve been doing mixing, mastering and guitars on it. It sounds really good!

I’ve been to Stockholm twice. One time for my cousin’s bachelor party and one time for his actual wedding, which I also played at. It was one of the most emotional weddings I’ve attended and very personal. It runs in the family.

The plan is to return to Stockholm soon, but then for the sad reason to say farewell to my favorite band on earth – Kent, who are doing their Farewell-tour.

I’ve also started a new project here in the Swedish south, called Nordic Guitar. Click the name to see our brand new website! With this project I’m going to offer my service as a teacher for older students as well as arranging concerts and social events in Skåne to bring us guitarists together a bit more down here.

Just minutes ago, I got off the phone with an exciting friend of mine. We are making a mysterious Trio, that will be conceptualized a bit more in November. We’re trying to launch this project in the winter so that we can tour with it during the summer.

Next up is also: writing music to two new projects, re-arranging stuff for concerts and my friend Anna Hertzman might be back after New Year’s! That means touring! Touring a lot!

So. A lot is happening. Next gig is in Halmstad, next friday. More to come!


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