Tickets, Releases and Adventures

It’s definitely taking shape, this thing.

Just a quickie..

So. Today, the project in which I am running – Nordic Guitar, is releasing the tickets for Emil Ernebro. It’s insane, really. I feel like I’m taking a swim in a sea in which there are no land in sight to rely upon. I’m floating away and with it, trusting the sea to carry me as long as I do the right thing. Because I’m doing a good thing here. I’m fighting a good fight.

There is a video out, check out Nordic Guitar for more info and for tickets. Some day very soon, I’ll be out handing out flyers Everywhere. It’s the perfect christmas present. 😀

Tomorrow morning, I’m taking a flight to Eindhooven and then train to my dear friend, the saxophonist, Kinga Szilagy. We’re going to discuss how we are going to shape our next stage projects, and we have been quite in agreement of most things that we’ve talked about, yet. It’s so nice to work with someone who really understand the whole thing and that is thinking holistic about things. This makes sense and it’s soo soo much easy to just do things with someone who has a real passion for the arts. This is going to be one exciting trip! No sleep, I presume, but a lot of good things.

Now: Off to have some students.


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