Release, release, release

Photo of Christopher.
It’s been really hectic for me, the last couple of weeks!

Since last time I’ve been doing some great gigs with Emma Carolina, spent some time working in the Netherlands to plan a project with my saxophonist Kinga Szillagy (where I met some pretty amazing people!), seen my favorite band Kent live for the last time around where I live (going to their last one in Stockholm in December, the last – ever), worked/edited/recorded/filmed/rehearsed/gigged with Sandra Marielle at her release – where I also collaborated with Sabina Chantouria for a couple of songs! To look up Sandra’s new amazing stuff, click HERE. She is also on Spotify and Youtube! I’m so proud and happy to be a part of Sandra’s band and to call myself her friend!

I’ve also had some private students and we did a mini version of a guitar-camp with my work in Staffanstorp. It has been amazing!! I’m so glad and humble to be able to do what I do. It’s hard work, but I am truly happy. This is exactly what I want to do with my life, right now.

So. Quite intense times! And there is a lot for the future now! Hopefully, I’ll get to work more intensely with Sabina Chantouria (who is an awesome song-writer, and she’s actually from my hometown!). Look her up on Youtube and Spotify!

Since I was recording and filming the gig of Sandra Marielle last saturday, there will be mixing and video editing. Loads of it. There are also two gigs planned for December and there will be more work with Nordic Guitar and the concert with Emil Ernebro.

I’m also working hard with a couple of creative outlets for my own part. I need to create now. It just have to happen. Check back soon to know more about this. 😉


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