Happy New Year: 2017 is going to be great already

As stated – Happy New Year!

Thinking back on 2016, it has been a blast!
During the past year I’ve been fulfilling a couple of my own private and professional dreams.

To name a few, I’ve:

  • produced Emma Carolina for her first Album
  • started a new guitar plattform called Nordic Guitar
  • been a guest teacher at two of Sweden’s finest guitarfestivals (Oskarshamn International Guitarfestival and Svenska Gitarr- och Lutafestivalen (former SGLS)
  • done a ton of gigs (incl. release w/ Emma Carolina and Sandra Marielle – also w/ Sabina Chantouria!)
  • arranged a lot of music for myself and my students
  • conducted Malmö Underhållningsorkester during the autumn
  • planned a secret guitar project
  • planned a secret band project
  • started a Saxophone/Guitar-duo in the Netherlands with Kinga Szilagy (The Holland-trip is a chapter of its own)
  • planned a tour during the summer/autumn with said project!
  • seen my favorite band Kent for the last time on stage

…though this list is far from complete – it is not even mentioning all the great people I’ve met, all the great moments we’ve had and all the good stuff that it has led to. I hope that some of you already know what a bunch of great people you are and I hope you know that I value every second we have had during this year!

This and more has made a great musical year for me and it will continue to grow on to 2017. During 2017 I’m going to Tour even more, Record even more and Play even more. To my heart’s delight it has been established that I will have the fortune of touring with Anna Hertzman again this year. Hopefully I will be able to play more with my dearest friend and fluteist Emma Edlund (miss you!!). But what is for certain is that what I’ve started during the last year will indeed bring a good year for me in this year.

Happy New Year, friends. I really mean it.

Here are some moments I’d never want to forget:

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5 thoughts on “Happy New Year: 2017 is going to be great already

      1. The guitar playing was pretty awesome. Yep hopefully I will get another chance to hear you, and Sandra (together or separately).

        Thanks for your reply.



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