I am alive.

If you doubted, trust me – I am alive and prospering.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site and it’s not for the lack of interest. I just haven’t had the time. I’ve been working so much right now, I can’t really grasp the last three months.. But I will try. There is also great stuff happening in the background, some of which I will discuss later in this post.

First of all. I’m on my first real vacation in almost five years. I’m very bad at clearing my schedule, but this year I have almost the entire month of July for myself (I say almost, because there will be one day where I will be a producer for a new project that is on the rise in the south of Sweden. One day, then I’m off to vacation again.). I feel proud over myself. Thinking back, I’ve never had a full week with just taking it slow for over five years. It has always been something. The last three years I’ve been producing and recording music, the years before that I had tours and summer projects. So. Yeah. Breathe.


The last time I posted here was after Oskarshamn, but it escalated from there.. Just two weeks after that, I arranged the second concert with my project Nordic Guitar. That time it was the amazing Afra Rubino giving a great concert in Malmö. The audience was blown away and so was me and the crew. We want you back, Afra.. Nordic Guitar will be revived after the summer.

After that it continued with a steady stream of private students, recording/mixing and producing the first EP of Stina Sahlén (called Hjärnspöken), several concerts with Sabina Chantouria, continuing with the launch of the new project Music Matters with Sandra Marielle (also with guests like Lovisa Ståhl and Rebecka Molander), RUMfestival (national youth music festival) with my students at Staffanstorp, even more concerts with said students and also: meeting collegues to found a regional network of guitar teachers that is going to be closely connected to a national network in Sweden.

So. I’ve been busy. And that’s not all of it. I’m so very proud to say that my brother is getting married to the love of his life and that we have prepared this celebration intensely. Life is happening, too!

Didn’t you say vacation?

That I did. But I want to announce a couple of things.

First: I’ve been offered to be the new conductor of Staffanstorps Musikkår – and I’ve accepted it. We will try each other out and if we think we match (which we will), we will start this as a long term collaboration. The orchestra is going to experience more activity and a boom of fresh ideas. We have already talked about all of the possibilities and challenges we are facing, but in every challenge there is a possibility and room for action. It’s going to be some good years.

Second: There is going to be a specially written piece composed by yours truly for the 50th anniversery of Svenska Gitarr- och Lutafestivalen (The Swedish Guitar and Lute festival). It’s called Retrospect – Fanfare and Retrospect, a piece for guitar orchestra. Shortly, you will find the score for it on this site and for those of you who participating it will reach your inboxes soon. I hope you will all like it.

Third: I’m back in the game in August. I will return with more information of what is happening in the background, because there will be a release soon. I intend to go into the studio in September/October and there will be magic. In October there are concerts being held and new projects will start. Nordic Guitar will begin phase 2 in the establishment of this great platform. But first there is rest and celebration.

Take care of your time and this summer.


[pictures will be up soon]


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