Association of Swedish Orchestras: Elected member!

From Sunday the 15th of October and onwards, I am going to be a part of the Association of Swedish Orchestras as a member of the board of the Skåne District! Awaiting the annual board meeting, where I will be given a specific function within the board, I am now a part of the collective executive branch of the district.

With this appointment and trust, I will work for the members in a holistic sense: with focus on collaborative projects, recruitment strategies and growth. This, of course, with a positive mindset and a focus on solutions before anything else!

Fire and good ideas

There are already so much good ideas, energies and forces in the orchestras of my district. I’ve seen this up close when I’ve conducted some of our member orchestras! There are truly some really awesome people out there who are making sure that all of our orchestras survive. I want to channel this stream of good ideas, good people and great initiatives to form Movement. Not only a movement (in the grass root sense), but Movement with a common direction. Everyone has to collaborate to ensure that our orchestras will keep going for years to come. That means collaborations with institutions, music schools, music teachers, students, musicians (on all levels), conductors and enthusiasts! That means that our district has to work even more to ensure that this common ground can happen and that we take the lead.

And lead we will. Collaborate we will. Grow – we will!

More info about our district and its activities:

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