2018 and onwards

Turning 30!

Then it’s this time again! The other half of the winter is upon us. I’m back, fully, now after have been turning 30 (thanks for the messages!), spending time with family and with preparing for this year’s adventures. It’s a frickin’ rollercoaster here, emotionally and practically. For several reasons. But, as usual, it’s the journey that is the goal.. I’m living my life with open arms, a positive mind and to my fullest emotional capacity.


Work-wise – this year is going to be awesome (I have a tendency to do cool things..). First out: I’m producing Åsa Leijon for her first album! Åsa has been writing songs for over a decade and is finally compiling her works into a great production. We are working with it right now and it’s expected to be done in August this year. This project is going to packed with really good musicians. Åsa plans to take this abroad as well. It will be cool to follow her!

This year I’m also doing gigs with Sabina Chantouria, Stina Sahlén and Duo Fossto/Szilágyi, as well as being a participant at at least three festivals in Sweden. These three being Oskarshamns International Guitar Festival, Nyköpings Gitarrseminarium and Svenska Gitarr- och Luta-Festivalen. As always, I’ll conduct and arrange for the festival orchestras in Oskarshamn and Arvika, as well as supporting the orchestra in Nyköping.

The Duo Fossto/Szillágyi will gather in Linz in June to work with arrangements and rehearse for touring next autumn! We have quite a good concept going on that we will present in early July.

This year I’m also working with Staffanstorps Musikkår – as their head conductor. We are focusing around expanding the orchestra, both when it comes to actual members of the orchestra and their musical capacity. Since this task is great enough, this will be my main focus regarding conducting.

Guitar music

I am also working on some guitar music right now, composing a lot of new material! I hope to bring you some of this music in September. It will be quite a diverse album, more of a tonal exploration over the styles I’ve been playing so far. I look forward to realeasing this! It will be a treat, for sure.

When it comes to Nordic Guitar, we will arrange at least two more concerts, hopefully open up a gathering place and try to piece together a workshop, if there are participants enough.

Other news

Look out for some new videos over at Nordic Guitar! We will publish some interesting content there during the spring. Maybe we will continue doing that, if there’s interest enough..

Until next time: Take care!

One thought on “2018 and onwards

  1. Välkommen ut ur ungdomen. Enligt gällande uppfattning är man uråldrig och utdaterad när man passerat trettiostrecket. Men det passar ju när vi ska sitta tillsamman som Statler och Waldorf. Tills den dagen kommer önskar jag lycka till med projekten.


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