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Let’s start over. Fresh. Sadly, someone decided to erase my attempt to do good things in this world. Someone just decided that it would be fun to just erase all my thoughts, digitally. Too bad for that someone that I won’t be silenced and won’t be that easily stopped. This site is better now. More secure. You don’t do the same mistakes twice..


But let’s return to what is more important. Music. It has always been about the music.

The recent years, I’ve been preparing myself for the next step – trying out different styles, broadening my horizons and practically educating myself in the whole musical production process. I’ve been trying to brand myself in all possible ways and make value for people around me with the knowledge I have. Silently – quite successfully. Locally. Regionally. Nationally.

In hindsight, I’ve done almost all the things I’ve imagined to do. But now, let’s implement that energy and that capability on the guitar and with the baton..


This is an invitational post! I invite you to this new adventure. Consume it in any way you want. For now, you will find me posting thoughts, events and deeper information on this site. But you can also follow me on both:

You might check back here soon for other channels that will pop up during the year.


So. Welcome, again, to this new start. I can’t show you what I did before. That time is gone. But the future is bright.

See you soon.


2 reaktioner på ”Start new

  1. Även om dina digitalt nedskrivna tankar raderats så kan du ju uppenbarligen fortfarande tänka och prestera framåtanda. Ja, du verkar ha åstadkommit en hel del. Vad återstår? Symfonier? La Scala?

    1. Det återstår mycket arbete. Just nu håller jag på att avsluta en cirkel som jag hållit på med i snart 10 år. Då börjar en ny era. Förbereder något fruktat för det..


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