The short version

Since Christopher began his persuit of excellence in music, he has been displaying a quite remarkable diversity and range in his guitar performances. Whether it is classical, folk, country or even pop, he is able to adjust and fine tune his style to fit perfectly in that setting. He consider himself mainly an classical guitarist and rightfully so! As you can hear on his EP SAIL (available HERE) for the classical guitar, he believes in clarity, precision and emotion. Enjoy!

Christopher is also conducting orchestras in southern sweden! His area of work in this field will expand shortly

The long version

Christopher has been studying for some of the modern great guitar heroes! He started his education with Dutch/Swedish guitarist maestro Eric Lammers, continuing with Anders Gustafsson at Birka Folkhögskola and Gunnar Spjuth at College of Music in Malmö (University of Lund), where Christopher got a Masters Degree of Arts. Christopher has also studied for Antonio Duro in Seville, Spain, as well as guitar arrangement for the legendary Börje Sandqvist and South American style as well as electric guitar for Mats Andersson at the College of Music in Malmö.

Christopher is also a trained conductor with a Masters Degree of the Arts in conducting. He has been taught by some of the finest conductors in Sweden namely: maestro Patrik Andersson (Director Musices at Odeum, Lund University), Mats Pålsson and Lena Ekman-Frisk. Chris has also had masterclasses for Niel Thomson, Christoffer Wolander and Mika Echenholtz.

Current official orchestral assignments:

  • A board member of the Skåne District of the Association of Swedish Orchestras (as of October 2017)
  • A recurring conductor of two of Sweden’s largest guitar festivals – SGLS (Svenska Gitarr- och Luta-festivalen) and Oskarshamns International Guitar festival
  • The main conductor of Staffanstorps Musikkår