So far, so good

I really need to show this webpage some love.. Truth is that it has been some hectical first months of 2019. April, May and June will be even “worse”, when concert and marching season starts.

Right after New Year’s, I conducted Lomma Musiksällskap as they made their annual New Year’s concert. It went really well. We made good music. From Strauss to ABBA. A diverse program with humour, wit and warmth. During the last months we’ve prepared a new program for you, hopefully we get an opportunity to a concert in the fall.

In March of 2019 I was officially elected as President of the southern district of Swedish Association of Orchestras (Sveriges Orkesterförbund). My first objective will be to better connect our orchestras and our orchestras institutions with common interests. Starting May 6th I will call every member orchestra to reconnect and form common strategies for the near future. I am honored to have been given the trust to serve you.

As I said, marching- and concert season is upon us! I am really looking forward to play and conduct at festivities such as Valborg, 1st of May, our National holiday and to return to Falsterbo Horse-show, where Staffanstorps Musikkår will open.

If you want to follow my adventures during all of this, check out my instagram: cfossto.

As well as all of the above, I am composing and arranging a lot. My great partner in crime Åsa Leijon is forming a new band which is preparing tours and recording. My friend Sabina Chantouria is currently doing magic in Los Angeles, USA. My friend Stina Sahlén is now preparing touring and recording. Hectic times! But I love it.