Here are some frequently asked questions you should know about

Orders are sent directly to the email you specified in your checkout. Got problems? Send us a mail to: store [at] fossto.com.

Nope. We have set it up so that you don’t need an account. If you are a recurring costumer, we recommend that you set up an account so that the checkout process becomes smoother.

There could be a myriad of problems. Please check your account balance, so that it is not a problem with your own bank.

Otherwise, if you have problems with checking out, try to remove your cookies in the browser and try again.

Still got problems? Send us a mail to store [at] fossto.com

Sadly, we can’t refund our digital products. This due to the fact that we cannot take back the digital product after you’ve paid. Be careful in the checkout and only select the products you want to buy.

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