So far, so good

I really need to show this webpage some love.. Truth is that it has been some hectical first months of 2019. April, May and June will be even “worse”, when concert and marching season starts. Right after New Year’s, I conducted Lomma Musiksällskap as they made their annual New Year’s concert. It went really well.…Fortsätt läsa So far, so good

Retro: A list in a year

What a year. This year I’ve experienced the highest high and the lowest low a human can live through. In my private life, the passing of my mother and the birth of my daughter is a clear example of that. I’m still grieving. But I am also happy. This is what I’ve learnt this year:…Fortsätt läsa Retro: A list in a year

Start new

Let’s start over. Fresh. Sadly, someone decided to erase my attempt to do good things in this world. Someone just decided that it would be fun to just erase all my thoughts, digitally. Too bad for that someone that I won’t be silenced and won’t be that easily stopped. This site is better now. More…Fortsätt läsa Start new