Privacy policy

Your data integrity is important to me, your trust means a lot. Therefore, every data that is transferred on this site is protected and handled with care. Me and my team only handles data that is neccessary to conduct business and stay in contact with you. Here are some policys you should know:

  • By using our services (such as the online store) you, as a costumer, are aware of the fact that we need to collect some of your information for business use. By using our services, you agree to this collection of necessary data.
  • Personal data, such as names, adresses, email adresses and phone numbers are stored during the time it is necessary for us to conduct business with you. We store this data during 6 months, after that it is permenently deleted.
  • We do not sell your data to third party actors. We do store e-mail addresses for future marketing to you via Mailchimp, but they can’t access these addresses directly. We will never sell or give out your data without consent.
  • You have the opportunity to opt out from our marketing campains at any time. There will be links included in every e-mail for you to be able to opt out if you so choose.
  • Financial information are never stored on this site. This is handled by our financial partners (Paypal et. al.). By using our services you agree to the terms of engagement that these services provide.
  • Only necessary financial information is handled in the checkout process by our partners. Some information is stored for as long as it is needed. This data includes transactional dates, necessary card information, names and other transactional data. By using our services, you are aware of this fact and acknowledge this.